Never Forget

You can never forget the way it burns,
the way your chest feels like its on fire,
your heart consumed by sorrowful flames.
You can never forget the way it makes you freeze,
the way your skin crawls with goosebumps,
your spine being unnerved by chills.
You can never forget the way it causes the tears to come,
the way your lungs feel like they're useless,
your whole body rocking with the need to be held.
You can never forget the way it leaves it's mark,
the way your skin is bruised and cut,
your wrists stinging with just a fraction of what you're actually feeling.
You can never forget how it causes you to lose any amount of self love you had,
the way your mind races with "what if" and "worthless",
your baggy clothes and avoidance ringing louder by the day.
You can never forget the way it broke you,
the way your heart shattered,
your whole life seeming unimportant.
You can never forget the way it took everything from you,
the way it stole your heart and breath,
your whole soul being stolen only to be damaged.
You can never forget.
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Stan McCorfs

I completely agree with you. Some things that happen to us are really hard or just impossible to forget. This is life and we should accept it. Time cures and we have nothing to do but move forward. As a writer of I can say that your poem is truly touching. I guess I have some people to share it with. Wish you all good.

Best regards.

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