Natural Disaster

  Tears like rain fill oceans of sadness;

It’s the pain that we hide – greater than we see;

I’ve spoken to broken looking for suns to soak in,

But the heart is missing

Where a soul leaves space.


Fallen trees whisper when they touch ground;

They shake the forest,

Like gossip and rumors shake a school;

Ripped up at the roots

Is a girl with no heart.


He plays alone but not by choice;

He chokes on his own voice,

Lost in words that he can’t find a breath to say;

Waiting for a day that may never come his way,

Searching a sky that lies.


The Earth never stops turning when a tree falls;

The rain continues even as oceans fill;

Take a breath, breathe deep;

Eat, eat, eat all the good.

You are a disaster.


But one so natural;

So earth-kind and divine;

Terrestrial but still so extra.

I find you graceful,

Just as much as you terrify.


Lightning won’t strike you twice;

So to your space, be nice;

To your mind, be kind;

To your skin, bring it in,

And grow a heart to fill up that space.


It isn’t sadness that we feast on,

It’s good.

It isn’t sadness pools we fill,

Its soul space.

A disaster is only natural.


So let it be.


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