Narcissus the frat boy

Thu, 09/05/2019 - 16:22 -- mel1598

Narcissus was cursed

He could only love himself

He made friends with the frat boys

They loved themselves as well.

Narcissus went to parties

and bragged about his muscles

He tried to pick up women

but he never learned their names. 

He missed most of his classes

at university,

because He couldn't leave the bathroom

when he went to brush his teeth. 

He'd sit and stare at his reflection

in the bathroom of his frat house.

His bros would laugh as he talked to himself

for hours and hours and hours.

Narcissus dropped out of college

to become a professional model,

He loved to see his pictures

and show all of his followers.

He never left the frat house

even though he wasn't a student,

because he couldnt find a roommate

he was just too selfish and always blew it. 

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Our world


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