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It's so funny how it seems like everytime I tell you that I am doing something, you are suddenly doing it too, But the only difference is that everytime you start something, you never seem to see it through.
Narcissus was cursed He could only love himself He made friends with the frat boys They loved themselves as well. Narcissus went to parties and bragged about his muscles He tried to pick up women
People are like birds, except for one thing. We both have young, watch them grow, and when happy, we sing. When asked why, we don’t know.  
You all are followers You seem to forget identity. You all are in search of conformity You seem to settle with docility.   Opinions are not for sale They have gone out of style.
Be more open,  use less verbs, no more repetition,  and less words.   Be more suspicious, use smaller ending, make characters relatable, and less words.   Be more honest,
I will take hundreds before I find the perfect one. It is imperative to pick the correct filter. It needs to make me look tanner while also concealing the bags under my eyes.  
We inherited our fathers hatred letting his words tattoo into our brains and flow onto our tongues every time we were bombarded with something new these words fell from our lips
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