Nappy Headed Woman


I am a Nappy headed woman, I love my naps...I love my curls...I love my dreads.. I refuse to let anyone put chemicals in my head...

I am a nappy head woman. I love the way God created me to be, if straight was what my hair was meant to be. It would have been permed, with the colors red, blue orange or green!!

I am a nappy headed woman it kills me when little black girls try to "play white", if only they knew much black women's blood was shed so we can rock natural styles on our head!!!!

I am a nappy headed woman, I’m beautiful, I’m gorgeous, I’m intelligent, I’m healthy, I’m unique, I’m what every white woman wish they would be!!!

I am a nappy headed woman I refuse to let you refuse me of my American right to have a high self-esteem because you think in order to be pretty i have to perm, press, deep fry. DYE my least I don’t have a conscious battle at the hair store about which hair I should buy.

I am a nappy headed woman i honor and cherish my heritage with in every twist I untangle in every dred I mangle and every curl I twist I know there noting fake about this.

I am a nappy headed woman when I think about my Black Mothers who struggled, fought, cried and died for my legacy I smile because when I think I think out load IM BLACK AND IM PROUD!!



Many African Ameican young women have forgoted who they are! We are beautiful we can succed and move mountains. God brought is this far and God can take us the rest of the way

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