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I am a Nappy headed woman, I love my naps...I love my curls...I love my dreads.. I refuse to let anyone put chemicals in my head...
My heart aches as I tell my tale A tale as old as America itself How my parents came for a better life Condemning themselves a different kind A kind of people misunderstood
This one is for my brothers With the mocha skin and full lips This one is for my sisters With the kinky hair and big hips This one is for everyone who represents Trayvon Martin Always facing racial profiling
Given the opportunity to share my point of view... I wish my professor can see that i am more than just a mere name on a sheet of paper I am  more than just another body in a desk
Im sorry sir! You probably dont care for the reason that I stare with a greater purpose to be here. With an education at my feet you'd think i'd be more aware. Now just to be be fair,
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