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Before I leave this Earth I wanna leave a mark on this turf When I say turf I mean to leave a mark on a certain skill set Being successful And when I say successful it means not leaving my kids in debt
Life is like a flowing river You can't touch the same place twice A moment past is a moment gone For the future is now, and the now has past   Better to take a shot and miss Than to miss taking a shot
Oh school why do you cost. Why do you hinder me from my thoughts. Oh why do you hinder me from being so great. As the world cries tears due to the burdens you create. Why can't you be free, why do you hinder us all from the American dream.
Aspects of A Floral Being  Uncomparable to blooming sun’s rays,   A Art of harmony in full brightened cheeks:   B Brush of bristles constructing elegancy,    A
a Broadcast Jockey eats and drinks himself to death no gain from Mukbang
I knew one day I’ll be 18 I couldn’t wait to graduate  Working part time after school  Making a $100 every two weeks Made me feel rich indeed Until I was 19 during college 
It's time to make your decision nevermind those googly dull eyes  eyes front         tick-tock-tick-tick-drip    is it suppose to rain today? Focus. Sweaty palms, your heart beats the Tommy Gun, 
Who am I? I am a friend. I am a part of a family.   On the simplest level, I am ME.   Who am I? I am a high school graduate. I am a college attendee.  
Why, Oh Why, Technology are you everywhere? Creeping in everyone's bedroom, and even in the bathroom, why do you always have to be everywhere?  You make us happy but we don't like to share.
I am  A gay Catholic   A gay Catholic You say? Can you please Explain?   What’s there To even explain I’m Catholic And I’m gay   But they don’t
 I am, Everything that could be Of the opportunities of a lone teen Who, at sixteen            Couldn’t decide whether they had the right to be. Living by themselves in their head
I was always taught that being polite was ladylike 
I am brave, fierce. I will let nothing stop me . I am a cheerleader with a big smile on my face at every game. I am a pianist whose fingers soar on the keys creating music with a flick of my wrist. 
I am a story teller I have been lying to your faces for as long as I can remember Tailoring tales that suit your need for excitement,
A piece of clay on the molding board Constructed by the hands of an artist and teacher Purpled by inky fingers I spin in a whirlwind as the wheel rotates
My perimeter is nothing more than painted bricks and broken windows I am filled with nothing less than destructed pride and shattered ego Like rust on steel after an angry cloud's release  
From the moment the first breath I was adored. I was sculpted. I was grown.   Water Air Soil  
Like clay molded into a beautiful creation ready to be shown off, I am Brave.
Outsiders looking in will never understand me, Is it really me or the vivid picture society potray me to be makes them can't stand me,
Life to me is a painting of a keyhole and beyond the door is the road less traveled, above are the skys unseen and below the roads unpaved. Then there is me who sits and stares through a looking glass at the world beyond the pain;
I am not a poet. I only wrote and read poetry in my English classes. It is beautiful, no doubt, To express your words through writing,
I am a Nappy headed woman, I love my naps...I love my curls...I love my dreads.. I refuse to let anyone put chemicals in my head...
Change Change yourself, Change your environment, Change your world. Change the world. Man, We are all one. All the same, equal Every one of us
Pacing around in delicate circles, tracing the words that encompass the fire The inextinguishable flame that ignites the one desire driving me mad A beautiful and unforgivable dream
It's just not about the dates or the facts that follow. Reading thousands of pages. Finding the truths in all the words written hundred year old pieces of parchment. It is about all the lives that were impacted.
Given the opportunity to share my point of view... I wish my professor can see that i am more than just a mere name on a sheet of paper I am  more than just another body in a desk
She breaths the air of stereotype as she mounts the mountain of her life. Walking on broken glass, listening to others' cynical laughs, she still manages to ascend.   Distant from inclusion,
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