My Restless Days


Amber numbers glaring in the dark

With a piercing cry, they shift.

Snap the button; sink to the soft feather bed.

Drag a weary body for a dead and dreary day.


A path to follow,

Worn in the floor.

A route to run and etch.

A million steps,

A million feet,

Repeating on repeat .

Over again.


BANG! Scream, Shout, Shriek!

With Fear, Anger, or Joy.

The Frustration breaks the gate,

And a journey finally amends.


Slip on those shoes for walking padded feet.

Slip behind the wheel of a roaring beast,

Feel the engine’s pulse through the felt of your seat.

And Fly.


The sun rising on the crisp morn,

Peaks over the walls of her sleep.

Shoot across the world,

Race that Star.

Beat her to the farthest shore.


As she sinks to her sleep,

We dance upon the Western cliffs.

Waves crashing upon their base

Sing vibrations through the rock,

Through my root, and through my limbs.


Upon their height, we twirl,

With the warmth of fire upon our hips.

And we laugh with raucous glee,

Rippling through the inkling black.


As shifting feet slide through the bottomless sand.

And like spray, it lifts to kiss her lips,

As we kick it spilling over the cliffs.

What drifts away into the Sky,

Kisses our wondrous Star good night.


The Reckless joy and Restless heart,

Venturing so far away.

The Vagabond’s chest, their seamless cell,

They can’t wait for Freedom’s Day.


Let them burst free like sparks from a log,

Eaten by flame.

And let them drift in the swirling smoke,

A current to carry them away.


Like embers, they’re finally free,

But never to fade away

To diminish in sublunary space,

When heat can’t find the day.


Bright is the heart,

Whose journey yearns never to end.

Dull is the skin to house it,

When journeys never begin.


Explode it does,

Reckless across the vastness of space.

Even so, I must end,

My ever Restless days.


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