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  thoughts, They say familys deeper than blood but how can you hurt someone you love Saw them grow up  that not enough The pain in their heart but their not giving up...
Amber numbers glaring in the dark With a piercing cry, they shift. Snap the button; sink to the soft feather bed. Drag a weary body for a dead and dreary day.   A path to follow, Worn in the floor.
Lets fly away to a paradise of peace. Lets go there and escape our reality. Forget about those who hate to see us together. We are in love. We are one. You are my other half. The stronger one. Lets go somewhere full of sunshine.
I spread my wings I take to flight I crash my way up into the night The sky is my home in this dark hour Don’t rope me down don’t make me cower Let me be, do not hinder my fight
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