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Always Running My life is a track Endless pain that would start numbing The odds will always stack From KoreaTown to South Central
Feet bounding... Feet running... Feet jogging... Feet dying!  I see the familiar road,
Wind running through my hair, Giving butterflies in my stomach, And heart beating rapidly.   Addicting like a drug, Something I could never stop. This feeling of freedom.  
It’s about to start, Take a deep breath in. Don’t worry about other people, This is for you. Training endlessly, For what?A medal?A chance to make headlines?No, none of that.
Amber numbers glaring in the dark With a piercing cry, they shift. Snap the button; sink to the soft feather bed. Drag a weary body for a dead and dreary day.   A path to follow, Worn in the floor.
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