My Not So Distant Future


In the not so distant future

I will be living my dream.

I'll be living a different life

Doing lots of new things


In just a short year

I won't feel like I'm alone

Because I'm going to my dream school

And I'll finally be home


My happiness is found in the future

Where I can look back and see

That I have come this far

And I'm still not all I can be


One day I will wake up

And greet the day with a smile

Because I have finally found

The place I belong


This last year of high school

I promise to do my best

Because I have something to look forward to

I have a future with happiness


When I get to my dream college

I will be all I can be

I will do all the things I wanted to do

And this will make me very happy


In the not so distant future

I’ll be in charge of myself

I will follow my dreams

And be happy


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