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Ako'y nanliit Sumikip bigla ang dibdib Nagmukmok sa kwarto Puno ng pighati   Agad tinanong sa sarili '' Panget ba ako? '' '' May mali ba sa akin?'' '' May kulang ba sa akin? ''  
As the stars want attention from the moon,  I want the attention from you.  I want you to love me like you said you did,  More than there were stars in all the galaxies.  You offered me a mirror to look at myself
My heart is broken I will never again hear your words spoken You live on in my memories I wish that was enough for me
Has a person ever seen such darkness? What makes this real? Tender kisses and blind movements, All just to feel.
Rest in peace grandma Joanne, You'll be remembered by every woman and man. You painted your past and your dreams, You sewed quilts at their seams, You helped the poor and healed the sick,
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