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The escape of reality. the gateway to the impossible. the life force of wonder. the madman of a sensible world. Mystery. Love. Pain. Sacrifice.
The escape of reality. the gateway to the impossible. the life force of wonder. the madman of a sensible world. Mystery. Love. Pain. Sacrifice.
Pray for the impossible, Preach for those before Learn to find what’s possible And make a future to live for  
Multiple so called relationship, None touched my heart, The ones that moved me was impossible love. One who broke me each time he touched, But i continued to trust as i believed in impossible love
My hair is long, which is nice, but I have too many split ends, My natural hair is wavy, not straight like theirs in my defense, I’m short, I could never be a model, I don’t have the body for that,
what should i do? Can't stop thinking about you what's with me? Am i going crazy? found myself smiling picturing you in my head you're adorably laughing with this corny head
My marching band and I reached an unscalable wall. We tried to climb over, but it's impossibly tall. It's a million feet wide, and a billion yards up.
When I was a child, they asked me, What do you want to be when you grow up? A question filled with good intensions
We laugh at the freaks and the geeks Because that’s just the way it is Like smoke blown in our faces and a voice saying “That’s show biz” We fear what we don’t know
Impossible is but a word in the mind,
I can only imagine how hard it is for clock hands to tick left for rusted locks to open and broken hearts to heal.
I've never been an optimistic person. To me, the glass was always half empty; The sky always gray,
 What is the meaning of their blasphemous pride? This blaming ride,  The escape goat, am I?  What is the point of the out of place lies? Economic declines? Existential remnants of permanent enclosures?
Tall, Dark, and Handsome The ultimate look Striving for perfection, yet forgetting what's important.  "What's on the inside is what matters" What person really believes 
"Why me?" She sits in the corner of her room Crying and Slowly dying "Is it even worth it?" Should she end it?
So many things, Too much pain, Nothing ever changes, Until it's addressed, And plain.   Complications vary, Theres nothing you can do, But what if there is, You ask,  
I sit in my room every night trying to think "Why did we fight?"
IMPOSSIBLE How imposible this is! I wake up every morning, Thinkig of how possible it is,
My lungs don't work well, but my brain does, And with my brain I dream and dream! In these dreams I can see my future. However, my brain does not sing.   I sang for you - or was it for a grade?
I wish it could be over. I wish it could be done. I wish that I could leave you, But this battle’s never won.   You frustrate me to pieces, And drive me up the wall.
I'm in love with the impossible, I'm in love with an idea. And whenever I think I've found it, It's never really here. I find myself in places I never knew could be... Chasing the impossible,
Love had escaped me Falling in love Impossible Being loved Even more so So I thought But love found me Rather given to me By the One who is love Through a woman A woman of God
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