My Heart Underneath


United States
39° 49' 44.706" N, 82° 47' 19.104" W

Through my eyes
Your see the fear and pain.
A very negative pain that could hurt for life,
With nothing more than hate for you.

You were my father and yet you cast such
A darkness over me.
Just because, your crazy
dilemma of ADHD.
You have cast nothing
but a negative slope upon me
Sense you was diagnosed with
That problem.
I tried to distribute love
to you, yet closing out the fact
That you have lay this
Scare upon my body.

Addition to me, you added this
Painful memory to
My three sisters also. There’s a
Slight probability that we may forgive you.
It’s quit odd when your around me and you ask
For a hug. When deep inside that
Memory keeping pulsing and pulsing, so I could
Just say no and I don’t love you no more.
But I can’t say that, because there’s
A positive part. There’s an equation,
*Hate divided by care = I ♥ you daddy*


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