My Flaws Are my Weapon


My flaws are my weapon.
The scars on my body distract from the scares on my mind.
I have seen things.
My brothers and sisters would make a game of whose stomach could growl the loudest, or which parent would throw the first punch in an argument.
The candles were our light at night because the bills were never paid.
The pond out back was our bath because our bills were never paid.
The bills were never paid.
We lived miles away from the nearest neighbor
and it was like traveling back in time out there.
We never had a running car or a phone.
If there was an accident it was taken care of at home.
We couldn't afford to go to the doctors office for a simple gash or twisted knee.
I saw my dad kill a lot of animals just ‘cause he was angry.
I love animals so much and It still bothers me to think about it.
But you're a different person when you're on speed.
As I grow older and try to comprehend the things that happened in the shed, I pray I never have to see my older cousin again.
The scars on my legs will always remind me how rough it was back then.
The burn on my foot makes me realize the house fire was for the best.
I never have to see that horrible place again.
The scars on my brain hurt more than anything though.
Nothing bad really affects me anymore ‘cause these flaws make me more durable.
My flaws are my weapon I use them against the bad.


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