Before My Final Slumber

Fri, 07/05/2013 - 20:27 -- Protege


I woke to a cloudless blue sky, to towering redwood trees

To fluttering avian creatures basking in the warm sun’s embrace.

The forest was full and alive, breathing

Compelling you to look but not to take.

When the light of day melted into the black abyss

Glowing balls of white scattered across the weave of ebony silk

Lighting the night’s eerie backdrop.

Then I knew for certain

After every down pour of sparkling water droplets

Every impulse upon the arrival of vital rays of light

Spectacularly perpetuated the cycle of life.

In its livelihood, the rhythm of my world reigned.


I wake to an ominous gray sky, though no rain pours at my feet.

I look upon my world of dusk and see that He has taken over.

An escarpment of stone and steel now stretches across the stream

Not touching, but disturbing the waters below.

The trees remaining are dying and slowly clinging to their last gasp of air

With a trickle of life still lingering among withering branches.

The forest has become the concrete jungle.

I realize the reason for my discomfort;

Man, my would be friend

Betrayal by instinct

Destructive by nature.

I am Nature to which He is the catalyst

Orchestrating the God He plays.

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