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Awake upon this garden You who belies life and lives For the wind in your hair Sing upon this sunshine You who decries truth and spies Magic in the air   Golden opportunity mixed
To Saturday mornings, wisps of cool air pressed softly against my skin.  The sign that soon Summer will overtake us, a promise of peace and calm rising before all others are up.
It’s the effortless secretOf sleepThat pulls you into slumberWithout you knowingAnd the cool ripples of stillnessUnfurling to the corners of your pinkiesSinkingDrifting
I woke to a cloudless blue sky, to towering redwood trees To fluttering avian creatures basking in the warm sun’s embrace. The forest was full and alive, breathing Compelling you to look but not to take.
I woke up today Then woke up Then woke up and saw a light so bright it blinded A light So bright it burned So bright it melted my eyes a little So that their essence pooled and fell
The idea of being awake... Truly and spiritually awakened from the earthly slumber life puts us in. The dim and dreary box that society puts us in. While in reality we can change the world if only we could awaken.
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