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Hey kid. Keep doing what you’re doing I know sometimes it hurts to exist I know no one seems to understand I know you’re afraid to tell them There’s so much we will never tell
Before I Stay September 5, 2018 ~ Wednesday What if I put right what I got wrong And I put it into a song What if you should decide
I used to Spend every eyelash, every dandelion wish Hoping for someone to make me feel happy I used to Think about you and radiate joy I used to
A pimple on my cheek Who cares? A crack in between my teeth Who cares? A hair out of place Who cares? A few strech marks across my waist Who cares? I love my skin
The expectations are set, before we even come into the world. - We see things as a threat, before we know what flag they hold. - We refuse to accept everyone, before we get to know them.
Been hurt before, never been missed. Been broken before, never been fixed. Heard words that cut her deep but his have mended things. He says things that are perfect,
I woke to a cloudless blue sky, to towering redwood trees To fluttering avian creatures basking in the warm sun’s embrace. The forest was full and alive, breathing Compelling you to look but not to take.
  8pm and orange setting suns. the soft spring nights resemble what is to come. The track smells of melted plastic with lines of deep blue, the midwest sun glaring, relentless and with no hue.
Sitting down alone Just contemplating the day What is this pain in my bone Is it the pain of my dreams fading away
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