My Father


I move forward past the old memories.

Past the one with the angry glare.

And past the one who slouched or became irate when I cried,

And past the one who slurred his words.

The one who asked me to "fetch another drink!"

Because he is not who he used to be.


Now I look forward to he who speaks to me kindly,

Who asks me to hug him one more time,

Or just stay five more minutes.

I look forward to he who encourages me in school work

And tells me to always try my heardest.

I look forward to he who talks me through rough times,

He who doesn't see me for my worst qualities,

But who sees me for my best qualities.


I move forward from the past because that is not who he is anymore.

I look forward to the father that I've always wanted, always needed,



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