13-year-old level angst

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I see all the scars you try to hide. I see the cracks and gorges in your skin. So I try to make you feel better because the only way I can feel good is to make other people feel good.
Hey, is this okay? Can I sleep here for the night? Do you mind at all? Am I bothering you? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.
Abscond.  Verb, meaning to sneak away and hide. 
I wrote a poem to choke my sorrow. Like a blot of gauze to staunch the blood flow. Drops of blood drop and drip between my toes, from wound that punctured lung like jagged bone,
This is a sad poem, but it's a beutiful day. with the blue sky and a breeze to cast the sad away. ok. But I am far to lazy to do anything about it. I could be working, I could be strong.
She moves like a butterfly bounding from flower to flower. Her features are fine-tuned like the keys on a piano. When the sun shines down on her head it reveals a golden halo of hair. Flowers blossom in her presence.
I would like to give you my whole heart, but I can't. He has some of it, you see. He cut off a sliver with a paring knife Oh so long ago. He doesn't even know it's there,
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