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Abscond.  Verb, meaning to sneak away and hide. 
ec·stat·ic (adj.) Happiness overwhelming, the excitement overtakes you.   Bliss comes in waves, and your mother jumps for joy at your A+ that she promptly sticks on the refrigerator door.  
Searching for a single grain of sand along beaches of shattered glass, My tongue trips over bright blue marbles, trying desperately to play jacks.
If not for my trusty Websters thesaurus I'd be about as dumb as a tyrannosaurus The pocket dictionary is a swell companion It has helped me become an over four letter champion
my safe haven has always been the library, nestled among shelves upon shelves of beautiful, beautiful books old with new and new with old a mixture of the best and the worst of society,
Between Creation and Destruction Lies creature, creed, cure, cry Desire, despair, and danger.
Our language is immortal, Written on our graves   Accessed through any portal, It is as countless as the waves 
Sneakers, the vehicle of Mercury, An off-road winged phenomenon, Be it the mark of a weary traveler Or to dangle from an electric lifeline, Laces groping wires like A trapeze artist gone awry.  
i wrote a poem about us but then i ripped it up. i guess its my fault becuz i don’t know how to spell luv. i thought it was spelt with an “L” for all the laffs we had, or with an “E” for all the times
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