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I am, with out a doubt, a different kind of morning person. I can guzzle 6 cups of coffee and never wake up, But when you present me with valid brew I undoubtable connect the theme of the day, To you.
My coach is someone who cares Someone who works hard, despite his gray hairs During the tough times or the relaxed days I always strive to hear his praise The praise of a coach is not easily earned
The competitive season is over, But the training is not. I think there’s so much value In becoming involved in a sport Where you are involved throughout
When the year starts you are eager to begin Yet as you go it makes you want to crawl out of your skin  How can something you love make you feel this way When you enjoy doing it how can you stray away  
The sudden crash of a chord Entwined still with soft melody Long, slender fingers dance On black and white
The sun squeezes through the tiny square in the upper corner of the practice room. I sit on the dusty tile floor. I watch her setup notes for today.
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