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You say just friends And I've been thinkin that too So why am I sittin here crying I'm feelin so blue We tried to make it work out
Today I faced a problem, a growing,      moving,           suffocating realization,  that stopped me in my tracks. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself.
Introvert. The person who needs alone time to feel best energized.   Extrovert. The person who needs time with others to feel best energized.   Ambivert.
  Sitting on the train tracks using all 17 to manifest the most sentimental and beautiful beam of white All because of the time I got to spend with Joan while her skin glimmered in the light  
It’s nice to feel listened to It’s nice to feel you’re heard. And with the art of poetry, My paper hears every word.   This art of mine, uses lines To illuminate emotions.
Hi I see your confusion and Your delusions Your tears, falling, falling Without reason I see your smile, overwhelming your face Don't hide, find me, let's embrace You write the words 
I was authentic Real. I satisfied the cravings you desired. Not enough? Skin on skin the only perceived love.
The day that we met, I thought I was saved. But as we grew, you made me lose my way.  Day-to-day you say you’ll be there for me, that you love me with all of your might. But how can that be,
People will treat you The way you allow them to. So, you should pay close attention To what others do to and for you.   And note their actions Say a lot about what they think of you.
I bottle it up, Push it down. I'll deal with it later. Later is not an option. Now! Now! Everything comes, All at once. The bottle breaks. I'm wrecked. Deal now!
Dear Makala, As we get closer to graduation I see the worry piling in your eyes. You claim that there is much to do. I always tell you the same thing,  
I closed my eyes,let waterfall fly;a droplet led meto my corest heart.  Nothing was there,but a cave.  
Today I am smiling. The one where there are crinkles around the corner of my mouth and when my eyes are full of happiness and joy.   Tomorrow I could be frowning.
ChorusSticcs and stones and broken homes your curses are what hurt meYour heart is stone it breaks my soul your hatred is what birthed meYou drink my blood and drain my love and you always seem so thirstyYou act so high above us all you act like i
I think I was able to laugh before Jokes from my friends and funny stories Eventually I got tired of them I wonder why….  
Your name is only whispered in the dark, but I'm not lonely.   Every hello is an unfinished love letter to you, but I'm not lonely.   I spend every sunset without you, 
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