Come out and play!

Your my best friend please just stay,

You always had a big furry head that snuggle in my arms 

We would stay up telling stories of animals in barns 

When you gave me sweets I would always smile  saying "yay yay!"

You  were always there right by my side even on my fifth birthday 

When its time to go to sleep I always let you sleep with me in my bed

Snuggle like two peas in a pod 

Hoping that this will last forever 

Soon you'll leave 

I don't want you to go 

I love you so much monster

Oh how I love you so

I am going get older and soon you'll go away, but someday I hope to see you again 

Don't cry

Be brave

you'll always be a part of me forever monster

forever you shall stay  


Come out and play for one last time 

I just hope you stay 


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