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On a monday When the rain decides to sing my name and the sun rides away  I'll be waiting for you again Craving a simple glance Thirsting for the slightest Hello or Goodbye I stand waiting
My gaze falls upon your radiant face And all I can see is your flawless grace When I am down you would make me smile I hope that you will stay around for a while
I can't describe the feeling in my chest I may be blessed but I'm still feeling stressed I can't find words to say what it feels like But I'll say it's like losing your life 26 months but in the last few weeks
If there could ever be a moment where I believed the love songs  It would be now    Because you're walking down the sidewalk a sight as beautiful as heavens doors  
    Darling I’d like to wish for some good dreams What a pleasant thing to do. Oh, Darling I’d wish for some good dreams But that’d mean leaving behind you.  
Verse1 This song goes out to you girl. You know who you are. All I can think about is you girl. You’ll always have a place in my heart. You showed me the light when I was surrounded by darkness.
You always seem to know. You're here to stay, only one not to come and go.   What would you say, If I told you that my heart skipped a beat,  everytime you looked at me?  
Is there anything I can say? Is there anything I can do, for you?   'Cause I'd do anything for you...   Is there anything I can sing? Are there any promises I can make?  
You were once and still are my everything The way you used to hold my hand when the world was caving in, Reminding me that everything would soon be alright.
Blue were the skies. As soft as his eyes. I fell in love at first sight. Singing softly in the pale moonlight Can you be mine tonight?
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