That moment, where words from my mind

Flow through my hand and into my pen

That moment, when all of the thoughts

Become organized, and no longer scream

Are you listening?! Can you hear me...

Do you even care?

That moment, where I wanted to die

Because all of the pain, I'm tired and broken

Lost and alone, I can't breathe

That was the moment, where the paper found ways

To speak for a young person who was scared

The body is older, but the mind stays the same

That young person has found love and healing and self-care

In a world that tries to silence my passion

I have found the moments, inside every person

Everyone who ever cared or cried or loved

These are the stories that I will continue to write

The moments that help us survive

This is the moment, where I remember that I am alive

This, this moment, where I no longer want to die

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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