When you’re feeling low…

and you feel like you’ve got nowhere to go

… that sick feeling is all I feel

as my head begins to reel

My vision starts to blur

as I walk along the empty room and cause the lifeless curtains to stir

Angrily, I think, “I should just leave…”

as I dry my hot tears on my already soaked sleeve.

Well it seems that I will always be the one committing the mistake,

but this failure is more than I can take!


You continue to ignore my reasoning…

Why aren’t you listening to my desperate pleading?

What did I do to deserve this rejection?

When did I ever give you the impression of having fake affection?

Can you read my mind?

I don’t recall ever thinking that I place others above you in importance

Or are you just blind?

To have “seen” me put you in such a demeaning accordance

If you really are a mind reader, then, ‘Bravo’ I applaud you

but you need to work on your “ability” because I would never renounce you


Am I really that awful,

so awful enough to cause you to turn to the bottle?

Am I really that cold and unloving,

that even the liquor is more comforting?

Am I really that irrelevant and forgotten,

that even the thought of me has become so rotten?

Am I really that worthless,

that you wouldn’t mind cleaning up the mess?

The blood… the stain… the tears,

…the remnants of these misunderstood years?

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