Midnight Sky


At the time she believed no one cared
At the time she believed they'd be better
At the time she thought it all had to end
At the time she thought she was hurting too bad

Now as she flies in the midnight sky
She remembers the day of no goodbyes
No note... Just tears
She remembers that feeling she felt
How there was no way up from this hole
How the hole was caving in where she built
How no matter the amount of smiles; her pain seeped through
How the tears on her pillows made her decision the truth

She remembered that day and replayed it often
The day of no goodbyes, no hellos, no happy ends

The day she picked up the gun
Left her girls, her family, her friends
She didn't know there could be light in darkness
She didn't foresee a better ending
The darkness consumed with a 'click' It ate away the pain, but it also devoured the light Pulling, tearing, ripping her away from the body, the mind
No rewind, no return, no goodbyes
Only soaring away from day to night

The worst night was the first
Her girls tired, with tears soaking their pillows It felt like a decade of worst nights
No smiles, no hugs, no giggles

She realized this was worse
Worse than the pain of her body
Worse than the depression clouding her mind
Much worse

The see and feel the pain of their hearts
No more being able to kiss the broken parts
To hear the tears hitting the floor
No more comforting them when they walked through the door
Much, much worse

As she soars through the midnight sky
And remembers the day of no goodbyes
She sees the smiles on their faces
She feels the strength in their hearts
She knows she taught them well
And knows they'll never grow apart

She regrets not being there always
She despised the truth she brought
She smiles at the love they have
They are her water in the drought

Today she soars in the darkness
Today she sees the light
Today she believes in happy endings
Today she knows life and love are worth the fight



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