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  Many years and many milesTraveling with the scares of lifeJust to find a home of flesh and bone
My soul is mine       - proof isolation. They don’t know the inner me              - my name, just AnnaLee. But in the place where I grieve alone,            I live the real life that is just my own.
There's a chill in the air, or maybe it's in my skin.   A presence that lingers like a snake gliding across my palms   There's a knock. I wonder who it is. But the door remains closed,
For I am an old soul  for my ways are different than yours  yet that doesn’t mean we are completely different  your soul is new and I can see you have much to learn but if you ever need me I will always be around 
i am my poetry every line, every stanza is the story of me   you can feel my pain rhyming to help keep me sane   eloquence is the technique to make life make sense
I saw the stars for the first time in a while.    Was it you shining down on me?   I've never seen them  so clearly in this sad and busy city.  
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