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I’ve been looking for someone Someone with which I can share I’ve been looking for someone Someone for whom I can care   I’ve been looking for someone Someone who will be there
What is my story, you ask? Not one that can be covered by a mask. It involves venturing into the dark ocean Looking towards a better future with devotion.
Every wish isn't right or wrong.
Funny funny funny, I am funny Creative Creative Creative I am Creative I am me who loves and loves I am me who loves to be loved Caring for a person's heart is what's normal
This handsome Blind man says Only me in my world Only I can see my world U can't c my world Only I can c my world Only I could heed my thought
I am a girl with space tucked under the flaps of her skin. I grasp at the loose tendrils, in shades of forest and thunder, attempting to hold the drifting vapor close to my luminescent heart.  
Coming to a mirror image, Dull is my thinking that age; From the site of my being, To my impure seems.  
#Instagram #LOL #Live without the makeup. without the drama.  without the hate.  I don't have an Instagram.  #nofilter #truebeauty #showwhoyoureallyare We love you for you. 
We only haveone life,this life,no other life.The past isbehind us.The futurelies ahead.So do what you want,and not what you hate.No one can tell you
I was cut down long ago, but I still remain just the same as before. I wait and age, as the years hurry by. Whether summer heat or winter's snow, I remain just the same as before.  
He didn’t fit into the “in crowd”Just because he wasn’t allowed.But coming home to screams and shouts.
No matter what they say it cannot change the person that you are, why do you do that, why do you let them tell you who's the star? You're one in a million; bought with a price beyond what you can see,
What do see when you look in the mirror? Is it the REAL YOU, or is it what society made you? Dont hide behind the curtain Be who YOU ARE
Do not be confused, who I am is what you see. But perhaps what's more confusing, is it really me? Everyone wears a mask. Some people, on their faces to hide their identity, but most on their hearts, hiding what they truly feel.
Roses are red, white,yellow, and pink. They are still roses..right? so why must people who are different, cry themselves to sleep at night? I'm know as a slut, geek, or a freak.
The Butterfly,is so vibrant, so enchanting, and so pretty!
Why drink before you are aloud? Why smoke to feel happy? Why party with people you don"t like? Why be someone you aren't? I just don't understand me generation.
Why stand alone when the battle is nearly won Why stand alone eventho the odds are against your will
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