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You might know him as Mr. Keating, Or maybe as the voice of the Genie. Perhaps you have seen him in Goodwill Hunting as Sean Maguire, Or his desire to grow closer to his children as Mrs. Doubtfire.
When youre all alone and you think no one is around. When you think no one else see's what youre doing. Look up to the sky, forgot about him, did you? God knows all and see's all.
Sometimes being alone
In time and chance Maybe we can all dance Up and Down the world so green Why do people have to be so mean Time can change anybody's name And yet people remain the same Sometimes things go wrong
A boy named Evan, happy as could be Or so it seemed No one understood, no one could see, the darkness lurking beneath As an outsider looking in, everything seemed perfect Until that grave September night
Chances are you could find love Chances are you can be happy   Chances are you have to shove
You're always emergency room crisis, broken knucklesSometimes blood isn't always meant to be poetic, kid You keep betting your life, wishing against. what's the bid? The big pyramid scheme of existence
They say it doesn't matter. That they can fix things With some pills, or a rope And everything will be okay. “Why keep going?” they say. “Nothing that I do matters.” “Nothing can help me.”
She walks in her room picks up her razor, grabs the pills she sits down on her bed, and she cries "Why? Why me!" she screams Everyone sighs Some may even roll their eyes
Batteries don't last forever Juice oozes with every standing O Your rays and beams lit up Penetrated the humorless The light was sold with every ticket The silver screen molded into a stake
My mind holds me hostage Torturing me with the memories,
A mother's love is so deep and true there is nothing she wouldn't do for you. A mother's love will always and forever try to protect you and keep you from feeling blue. A mother's love will be there for you on a drop of a dime.
It can go away so easily All this pain, this fear This loneliness, these tears I can make it go away.   It can go away so easily Just three pills too many A small slit to a fragile wrist
Being girl and growing up watching Disney classic You think we all love the princesse Not this girl, I fell in love with the Genie played by Robin Williams His death shocked the nation
Rest in peace father williams Your presence is missed your movies your great your humor a jest a loveable person Soulful through and thorugh but even the saints
He flies, they always catch him. He flies, why did they fail? He flies, now alone. He lands, they lie at his feet as the rain falls. He rises again soaring the skies, the robin of his mother's dreams. 
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