I demand change.

In these twisted, damaging days.

Where women are afraid to leave for work

for fear of merciless rape

Where people of color 

cannot receive a fair wage

Where children are kept in places

where creativity and love are muted

where those brave enough to know themselves,

are shunned for their sexual orientation.

Where men, women, children

- our entire poplation-

are labelled into small, taped boxes.

Everything that matters is overlooked,

while everything that does not

is kept safe with precious locks. 

This is the world we live in.

I will NEVER apologize 

for recognizing that this

is grossly WRONG.

Every life that is touched,

by your hand,

will feel it.

That person will spread that touch,

just like you.

Be that touch this world needs-

a touch of something good. 

I demand change, 

and I am beginning with me.


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Our world


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