The Man Called Viand

People say the relationship is toxic.

That he'll kill me.

(It surely well might be the case)

But it's not your business

I tell myself


People say the relationship ain't healthy.

That I can do better.

(And I probably can)

But that's my concern

Not yours


I kiss him

They act hostile.

I hold his hand

I'm met with resentment.


Yet every anniversary,

They'll be the ones giving me the cake.

(Always chocolate.)


Sometimes I break it of.

Say it's over.

But he still calls

And I will always answer...



After I relapsed

(cause that's what it's like really. An addiction)

They all cast me that look.

But I know they are seeing him too.


I don't think anyone can resist,

The urge to indulge

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I like the flow. I think I can relate, having the same kind of "addiction". Thanks for writing.

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