Making Up Zeroes


I review the list of things i haven't done, and i can say i'm pretty disappointed. I cut a lot of the people who needed me off, and let most of them who believed in me down. I have found a loop hole, and i want to know if it's okay i turn in your tasks late. I'll do all of the things you all have asked me to do. Wether it's just being there, or going somewhere, i will do it. I need to know, is it okay if i make up all of these zeroes? If it isn't, that is fine, for i failed you before and understand you don't want to risk it again. If you're willing though, i would like to not try, but prove you wrong and show you that a person can change. I would like to be there to help you when you need it, and help encourage motivation. Can i please replace those zero's i've made in your life with at least 70's? 


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