Love means...?


Love means...?


I love him till that last star stops shining 

Bet you, he don't love you like that.


Mac, your best friend

It hides your scars everyday

Your girls tell you, 

"You deserve better than that"


But you never go out to find it


That four letter word has changed

Into hate, abuse, lies even

That has you drowning in your tears

And your saying, "I'm alright, I'm okay"

Even your friends...

Even your friends!

Are trying to pull out the struggle

And your like "no... I like the rough"


My message to you is

Honey pick yourself up and go find find real love

Stop letting these so called "men" control you

And give yourself some dignity


You're a lady, a woman

Not meant to be stepped on

Talked down to

Or even hit!


The Bible says, you were made from man's left rib

To be equal and protected.

Never!  To be treated less of what you are.


That's the definition.


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