With Love, Me

I cried for you to hold me

But you took your arms away

I said I wanted to be alone

While praying that you would stay

Stepped upon the highest ledge

Hoping it would give way

And bore myself through darkest night

Begging to find the day


I laid next to you there in the dark

I whispered softly in your ear

"Wrap me deep inside your arms

And take me away from here"

You didn't hand me even a cloth

To wipe my falling tear

And my head in the sky so full of clouds

Now everything is becoming clear


I asked you carry me off

To take everything and pull me in

I wanted you to have my soul

And to save me from my sin

But you would not spend even a moment

My life balanced on the head of a pin

And life is a game made for fools

Because fools still think they might win


I can't tell what I'm supposed to think of you

What is this feeling, love or hate?

I believed when you said you'd end my pain

Are you just another agent of cruel, cruel fate?

This is something I knew I could never escape

Born too early to die too late

And you, oh Death, have betrayed me now

I placed my trust in you at any rate


Even when I called to you and said

"How I long to be free!"

You, oh Father, have forsaken this child

A daughter too blind to see

That you would turn your back on her

And in her hour of need

Oh Death, Oh Father, Oh crippled old man

Why have you forgotten me?


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