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There's dust between my toes My itchy feet seem to grow Where have I come, where have I gone Who knew this road I'm traveling was this long. My feet are weary, and so is my heart,
  I could not stop myself from taking flight, And eventually, I got lost in her light. I prayed that no one would notice my desperate glances,
He does not deserve you And you deserve someone better. You deserve someone Who can see the fire in your eyes.
He never gets tired of taking a deep breath And sinking in that warm spring air Smelling of morning dew and newly fallen rain.  
Celestial tears plague my eyes The heart of  a mad woman drives my cries To look upon a sunny day and hope to be blown away Only the moon shines upon me  A breeze of moonlit wind passes me by
she searched for it in the hollow depths of the ocean listening for its soothing voice in every crashing wave but could hear nothing but ghostly roars she searched for it through airplane windows
Two feet slap hard on the black pavement. The blur of the city scape flashes by Forcing my eye to watch the bustling people, to watch to rustling people,
Surviving for myself in a world alone. Living for myself until my heart decides to come home. I love my father
I want to float away, on the wings of butterflies, as they whisper the secrets the wind howls to them. I want to tie a string around the moon, and swing across the ocean, to worlds I never imagined,
i soar over grassy hills, viridescent and glowing in the sun, dark and gleaming indigo in the moonlight. the tree encircles me in its crooked and loving arms. my tattered wings ache from a long day
Fast. Faster.  As the speed increases, so does my heart. My eyes melt as I look across the horizon slowly accelerating into the oblivion. Every cloud a different shape with a different story,
Wanting, Aching, Craving  The World.   To expand my mind to places farther than my backyard or the church, To learn a language of love by being surrounded by foreign lovers,
I like to think when two roads diverged in a yellow wood I took the one less traveled, but instead, I feel as if I have forged my way amidst the trees and debris somewhere between them both.  
But my dear I fear
  The wild embraces the heart of man, pulling at it, feeding its wanderlust. Strong is its pull, and weak is his stand.   He longs for a far off land,
I n e e d to. j’ai besoin d’ return to the
Long ago, I was no lost soul 
How can we look at lives And not feel passion? Why are stories of adventure All lying quietly in our past? Where is the zeal pushing Us to live before we die?   How can we ignore our
Do you ever get that tightness in your throat, like you’re about to cry? But you don’t know why? Do you ever get that ache in your heart, like you crave something desperately? But you don’t know what?
I wish I could give you my globe And remind you that it won’t always be this way I would tell you that one day, you will escape to somewhere far away from here
Darling. where are you? She won't let go of her bear As she gasps for air    
Shelter disdainful epiphanies behind latched heart For pity to sneakily evaporate And emotions grow painfully tart To mediate the dormant desire into blossomed state.   Drag Restless on her knees;
  My heart is in flames  My soul is in agony  Who is he? They giggle Not he what  My lust is for adventures   Beauty brightens my eyes Sounds alight my ears  Who is he?
So Many Places... Where do I wan't to go? Better yet, with who?  
They make it seem so easy, to just get up and leave. I get really excited and I start planning on leaving myself. Then I remember that I can’t. Well, perhaps I could. But I don’t have the courage to just up and leave.
I left them behind in the airport    and forgot to look back   Eight months and twenty-eight days    this country has been growing in me    kicking until I crumble and stand back up
Entangled with the path of wandering I find myself often here pondering Which road should I take? Can I go back? WIll I forget? Confused I find myself tangled here Ropes from friends and other 'Dears',
Don't live wishing for wings When legs can take you just as far Live life as a nomad A sailboat without an anchor Life is too short to allow for ordinarity   Remember opened eyes can be used to see
In this world exists somewhere peaceful in all its natural beauty; A place where the evergreen grows, And the fallen leaves rest on the grounds of the earth,
A disease with no cure. Targeting the heart, soul, body, and mind. No lengths of the Earth can sate it Because it is the undeniable lust for more.
Wanderlust I want to see the world I need to experience the sectional wonders And gape openly at this earth’s natural splendor I want to see the world I must explore every inch
I want to move to Seattle Where it rains Where thunderstorms thrive on the dampness of wet, tear-stained cheeks I want to be just one cappuccino away from rolling back to bed
Maybe I became what I said I never would, But maybe change is bound to those who only wish they could. And my life is spurred by the moments rooting from the past, Get whisked away and forget the time,
An average teenage boy Clunks along the street With his Converse laces Flipping from side to side Catching under the worn soles
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