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We fight this battle Jump on the saddle Fight with your word   Through you oh Lord
We all are in a warzone, And the enemy is closing in, Surrounding us with armies, But we aren't done with him. This is war, and it's not fun, But the battle's just begun,
My battles are not won through soldiers. I, rather, battle what cannot be seen.   The war is ugly, brutal.
Oh Rose of the Battlefield Your innocence is seen a victimization The demons belittle you "God loves all" The scripture might say this But you feel like you've been curse since genesis Oh Rose of the Battlefield
 I try to hide what's inside. Alone, unloved, disappointment constantly these are  the words running  through my
Lights sparkling, snow falling. Family's laughing, cookies baking. Stories being told, gifts being wrapped. Socks and slippers. Chilli and soup. These are a few of my favorite things.  
Love is something everyone wants. Tainted by sex, but love is love. Everyone fights to get it. Thats why love is a battelfield. Better bring your sword to cut off anyone in your way. And bring your sheild to deflect the lies and cheaters.
Falling asleepTo your own bad poetryOf two yesteryears agoIs like the discomfort thatGrows when you firstRealize that you've madeThe worst of all possibleMoves in a chess game
" Left, right, left, right." I feel thats all I know, "Left, right, left, right." Can you feel that under your boot? Its the snow. "Left, right, left, right." All geared up ready to enter the battle zone.
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