Love Is


Love is funny.  Love is weird.  Love is knowing.  Love is guiding.  And to those whom it passes, it is unintentionally hurting.  Love is character, in which we all play.  However, each role is different.

Love is real, and it's beauty cannot die.  Love is more than what I've found, and what I've lost.  And Love has a way of changing the meaning to our words... and our thoughts. 

But whosoever is persistent, and willing, to carry the ashes that Love leaves behind, just may be able to turn those ashes into a gold mine.  

Love is Alchemy, forever creating.  Making miracles abound where hopeless despair is found.  Love cannot be abused.  Because even under the dirt, it's light still shines through.  

Love is a flame.  It does not burn out.  It's there when you need it, and there when you don't.  Love is hidden.  But always found, in ways that no one can fathom.  


Love is a script, one that I'll continue to follow.  Because Love revealed itself to me, for today, and tomorrow.   


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