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  I never asked for it.. you say I'm nothing like your ex's but that's a lie.. im a bit of both... I hurt you... and I cheated... I didn't want to I was lost at thought
I kept it locked up tight for years Hidden from the world Fed it every night with my tears Then to the first bidder it was sold   He played me like a fiddle My heart dropped in price
I am tough and I am strong but at times its not like that at all. There's a girl who gives a shit behind this wall and very few people walk through it.
The sky turns dark A deep black falls upon us. The angels cry as the Earth pushes further away from the Golden Gates. Twenty centuries of deep sleep. The great hands try to shake
And so I cried. Not for myself or to cause a scene but because if loosing you meant loosing a piece of me then I would let you go just to know you're finally at peace. It's sickening is it? Because the thought of that made me happy.
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