Lost and Finding, Not Found


I'm lost,

Lost in a realm where though time is a deciding factor

It remains unrecognized for the world know.

Is one unshown in its happily ever

As the pedals fall from its own start

And disperse within its own ashes.


On occasions were delights of whole felt mounds of joy are found,

In its absences there's imbalance in all that has lasted.

No purpose, no value in this ever going madness

For the love i have is in the now,

But the question is of lasting.


There's misunderstanding in its balance

For though prioritizing is a way of understand

The prior priority to prioritize, is not as emphasized

For in this priority it behaves similar to senioritis

Where focus is nothing but a sideline that's only messed Half the time,

And the rest is unrecognized.


But for me it's different, it's prominent, It's Now.

Though I'm left behind search for the pieces that composed the heart you broke,

The heart you took from me, whether you knew it to be true

You left me feeling the weightlessness of a balloon

Only lost in the sunset I call your beauty.

In the moments I call ours.


See, you were my high

pulling closer and closer to you but when i make my move,

I'm rebuked.

Unwanted, discarded, and left regretting

Left wanting to leave the now that I created.

Cause acting in fear caused me to be here


I live on that love, same as you.

Trying not to let go, holding on to what's true,

Cause I want to find your love, and I wanna hold your heart

But I'm afraid that that's what's gonna tear us apart

And this broken heart cant take the pain in this game.

But it's too late to walk away cause this is the moment that i forced,

The moment I made


In this moment, at this time, with each word in this rhyme your wasting!

Would you like to know why?

Cause the difference between you and I is I tried...

And I may have died, but it was worth the ride.

And I will continue, cause unlike you, cats and I have nine lives,

So this gives me time for some to try and find...


Cause I'm lost, and I found my way,

But I knew it wasn't my time.

So i turned back and ran deep into the dark side

For in loosing yourself in time, its about more than just finding a way away.

What I search for is greater than your cause,

It's your love, that makes me strong.


So I'll knock knock knock while all bells ring

and hope the best of best endings.

For without you no love will be,

But you must recall, Time, Keeps, Ticking.

So with each tic to a tok that tics once again,

Your grasp start to slip till I'm saved by some hand.

So will there be a difference in who's heart I may hold?

This questions for you. A question for a ROSE.


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