Pain beyond understanding.

It cries out to be fed.

But, the truth is

the food is gone.

Without you here

makes me dead,

makes me want to die.

But what keeps me here

is the hope of seeing you,

the hope of you being alive

My heart cries and my face hides the pain,

but I can't escape it.

It tears at me, ripping my bones further apart,

making it hard to move.

I thought you were here to stay,

but it seems nothing perfect seems to stay.

Us forced apart by something

stronger than the bond between us.

The cries get louder each and every day,

but I will stay here

and continue to pray.

The cries become shrieks

of anguish and heartbreaks.

i hurt and i cry,

only i can understand why.

No one knows what happens,

no one wants to know.

The pain is too much,

the agony is sickening.

I wonder why.

My face tears,

my fingers crumple,

my body becomes disoriented.

The shrieks are not going to stop,

but hopefull again

I will see you.


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