We all face our own demons

We all battle it through

Why is mine still here?

Oh No...

Is this mine

My premium punishment

This is why i can’t move on

Why my hurt

Have you sunk its hook into me?

Out of my way

My doing is done from right here

To which i ask "what part of this isn’t made clear?"

I’ve been taken for granted by those who drank from my cup

Second chanced it to men who tampered with its purities

Now i shall make room

Room for a stranger in a kind voice

A stranger with weary tales and a shattered heart

Tales of passion and loss

The truth and lies is an even score

I’ve lost the touch to breathe

I’ve lost the urge to smile

And yet however i hold my head high

With a stranger in the mist

And an arrow in the breast

There is still hope for a bird who has lost home

Who has to build a new nest



I really enjoyed reading this. 


Thank you!

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