Losing you made us closer


United States
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Before I never really saw you much
And when I did we were always in a rush
It’s true that I loved you then
But now I feel the love that could have been
The kind of love a father and daughter share
The kind of love to show you care
The kind of love that you couldn't give

You are in a better place they used to say
Yet every night I still would pray
A prayer for you to walk in the door
To come home to hear your shoes clank on the floor
They say that you weren't right
But I didn't listen for you i'd always fight
Then one day it came to me that this was meant to be
Lord took you to bring you closer to me

I know what happened when you put that gun to your head
But sometimes I’d pretend you’re just still in bed
It confuses me to have to choose
Did you win or did you lose

It took years to understand
But the timer did run out of sand
I flipped it over and I could see
You could now ALWAYS be with me
You stay with me night and day
Lord must have heard me pray
You’re the dad you wanted to be
You know, always here for me


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