Lonely Love

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 13:04 -- EsKaye

Lonely Love There is a burning  Deep in my soul My heart is yearning Like a bells toll Far across the ocean waters Underneath the skies grasp Hidden behind hurricane shutters Through a shattered heart I rasp Tell me you want me For I cannot be without Alone and I can't see Darling to god so devout He speaks through you The angel sent for a sinner His bidding I will do Be with me I'll be a winner Another man walks your dreams You're so happy,, it seems I talk a walk amidst the rain So nobody can see my tears I smile for you through my pain Losing you is my only fear I am to you but a single grain I'd love to call you dear Maybe a splash, a little stain Insignificant, but I'm here Among my deathbed I have lain When I've looked upon your eyes I'm in love In pain And I'm happy.  Student debt

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