Listen to Mama

Sun, 12/07/2014 - 22:23 -- Janyah1


Listen To Momma

Listen to momma, for she knows what’s best.

Listen to momma; she knows when to put a bra on your growing chest.

Listen, because she can protect you from those horny pests.

Just Listen because she

Knows what’s best.

Listen when she has those long speeches that don’t seem to interest you. The ones about the boys, and NO! Girl you can’t get a tattoo.

Pull your shorts down and untie your shirt. Because the men looking at you come with a world of hurt.

You don’t get it now but soon you will. And hopefully it’s not too late and you’re not taking care of a daycare bill.

Even when you don’t listen she won’t turn her back. She’ll give you her shoulder to wet with those tears you’ve held back.

When your chest become breast and those long legs become thighs, you’re happy and she’s sad and you don’t know why.

She knows what’s at stake and that’s the little naïve you. You believe it when they tell you, “Girl you are my only boo”

Or when they say “I’ll never leave you got my heart girl, for you it bleeds!”

But what about when they do?

 They’re gone in the wind, and you friends can’t be your friends because they just don’t seem to understand.

Momma I should’ve listened to you. I should have heard you talking. Now my heart is somewhere walking, I know it’s not with me …

It’s with that same guy who promised not to cheat.

Promises aren’t nothing but little lies, little lies to get into your legs turned thighs.

Listen to momma, baby pay attention!

She teaching a lesson, that God calls his little blessings.

NO! NO! NO! She aint trying to control you, just console you

---- From the devil and his children in their disguised mask and Halloween dressings.

Baby girl this aint the end, I’m sorry that momma can’t be your friend.

Baby this will all work

out in the end.

Listen when she tells you, “That aint your boyfriend!”

She won’t allow you to date and form such hate.

She won’t allow you to believe that that mess you called love is fate.

Please girl! Just wait! Don’t give him a taste.

 For your body is a pure cookie and a crumb cannot be waste

Do you get now? Can you hear what I’m trying to say?

Girls listen to your momma!

And that’s the end.


--- Ja’Nyah Woods


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