teen love

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I sent you a text last nightIt wasn’t muchNot eloquently spokenBut my hope was to bring your hopes upI sent you a text last nightRambling on how the world isHow much you may miss herI sent you a text last nightCompletely platonic with no ulterior
It's the little things that plague my mind.   Like the way your eyes crinkle when you smile or the way you laugh after a bad joke.   The way your hand fit perfectly in mine
I don’t know why I sit and wait for your attention or why my heart is so pure that I can’t actually admit how upset I get when I don’t talk to you. it sucks.
there is something strangely beautiful and completely hilarious about listening to you snore over skype.   i have never touched your face or kissed your lips but i feel your heart beating in mine.
Why is it that I can sense a snake in the grass and will run in the opposite direction but when I felt you inching closer and closer to me I watched you like a National Geographical special, a child mesmerized by the carnival rides
Listen To Momma Listen to momma, for she knows what’s best. Listen to momma; she knows when to put a bra on your growing chest.
Yesterday, I was broken glass on the floor.  I was the desert without life.  A maze full of confusion.
Speak to me Softly Hold me near Stroke me gently And wipe away fear   Hold me close As soft as a dove Give me a dose A dose of you're love   I'm addicted
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