Life's Too Short

Life's too short

To be wondering why I'm stuck with you.

Life's too short

To hold on though I can't break through.

You ego is a barrier thicker than any wall.

I guess you'll never hear me call

You never loved me at all.


Life's too short

To worry about where I went wrong

Life's too short

To even bother writing this song.

Because you'l just shut me out again

You'll tear me up, push me down,

With you I never could win.


Life's too short

To go on feeling like I'm feeling

Life's too short

To wait for my head to stop reeling.

You always thought I was a game

One you could always play

But be assured, it'll never be the same.


Life's too short

Because of the years you took from it.

Life's too short

Can't stop the fire burning once it's lit.

Thought you could use me as a fuel.

I was only ever a tool,

So let me make this easy for you:


Life's too short

I was blind but now I see.

Life's too short

The world'll be better off without me.

And I'll never understand why

People bother to take the time

To say their goodbyes.

Life's far too short.


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