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I place pill after pill on my tongue And swallow them one by one. They leave a bitter taste But all I can think of is how I am a waste To society and I feel like giving up. An hour later, my body feels heavier
January 24, 2010 at 12:24am Maybe I will come back in May Hopefully I will know where to stay...
I'm sitting here in the midst of it all, And wishing that I'd never took the fall. I'm hoping that you're somewhere happy, While I'm saying that I hope your life's crappy. This is my revolution of letting go.
The life of a senior, Is to be a great leader, To be a role model for the younger kids, But become an underclass man all over again, But as of now for eight hours, Ill have the power, 
growing up as a child so innocent so wild the happiness the laughter the cries and pain right after you wander in your mind can I leave this life behind but you know you have no option the hand of life having an auction grabbing everyone day by da
I am from superman popsicles,             from overused couches and piles of shoes by the door. I am from the circular trampoline and the
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