While my heart does bleed
For new life never born

My mind does heed
The pain of a mother torn

The decision to forestall
Life's seed to full bloom

Is a powerful anguish
of hellish gloom

How alone mother must feel
To be faced with the choice

To usurp God's authority
that unborn life be divorced

Yes, there are those who make
This decision in ignorance

Whose morality is nil
With no remorse or revulsion

But I believe that spirits
Of benevolent souls

Women faced with this dilemma
In their hearts have holes...

Who could know this ultimate penitence
suffered in lonely darkness

Calling on God for forgiveness
Any sympathetic conscience that might understand...

And continue to carry day to day, night after night
The guilt and shame and personal reprimand

Thou shalt not judge
But try to empathize

Your sister's 'sin'
Is not yours to chastise

Copyright 2016 Regi Taylor All Rights Reserved

This poem is about: 
Our world


Regi Taylor

Thou shalt not judge.

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